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The 3 Spanish B’s In Real Estate

In Spain, there’s a common phrase that you may have heard of… The 3 B’s! Bueno, Bonito y Barato! (Translation: Good, Pretty & Cheap!)

When looking for your dream home, I’m sure you’d like to think you’d find the perfect property with the three B’s! You’re not on your own, we all would! But remember, perfection and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may just have to compromise, to get what you ultimately really want.

Is it Bueno? Ask yourself, “Does my future home have to be ready to move into?”

If you are D.I.Y’ers and can handle a “fixer upper,” then be open minded to something that may need a little T.L.C. You may be able to negotiate on the asking price if repairs are needed to be made.

Is it Bonito? Ask yourself, “Is the overall exterior look of the home important to me?”

Just because the outside may not have curb appeal, doesn’t mean to say that inside isn’t a hidden gem! Take the time and look inside, it may be exactly the floor plan your family needs. Be open minded.

Is it Barato? Ask yourself, “Can my budget stretch for the perfect home?”

So you’ve found the ideal home. It’s perfect for you and your family. Everything about it screams “mi casa es su casa.” But there’s one minor detail not in your favour. The price! Look at the bigger picture. If this ideal home is stretching your budget to the max, but it is ready to go, no repairs necessary, then just because it’s not as barato as you’d have hoped for, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bite the bullet and go for it! Stretching to your limit might mean you’re getting the home that is absolutely perfecto for you!


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