Definitions Of Style Of Spanish Property

Property definitions vary from that of the U.K., therefore please find below a quick guide to the

local terminology:

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This can be single, double or a triple storey property;

detached or semi.

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Semi-Detached Villa

Joined by one side of the property, to the neighbouring home.


Linked Bungalow

Single storey, and joined to the neighbouring home on both sides

 (i.e. terraced).


Linked Duplex

This is when the home is joined to the neighbouring home on

 both sides, (i.e. terraced).

Inmobiliaria Estate Agents In Ciudad Quesada


This is usually within a community building with shared entrance. Can be in a high rise, however within our immediate local area, you won't find apartment buildings higher than three floors.  Access is usually by a communal staircase.  In some instances, an elevator is installed for easier access in to the higher buildings located in Torrevieja.