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Will you be prepared to maximize that investment when it’s time to sell one home and buy another? The truth is, most homeowners aren’t prepared. Some might focus on the sale, but forget that the next purchase is just as important when it comes to their life plan, lifestyle, and overall portfolio and investment strategy.

No matter where you are in life, or what neighborhood you live in, your home is very likely one of your largest investments. You’ll care for it, invest in décor, furnishings, and upgrades, and by the time you’re ready to sell it you will have had many different experiences inside those walls: birthdays, love, family gatherings and dinners.

The home becomes more than just a house, it becomes the place where life existed, flourished, and grew. It’s the place families were strengthened and children were raised, the place where infants were sung to in the night. By the time you sell your home, it has become a place where memories dwell, and is much more “just a house.”

So how will you navigate all the decisions that need to be made when it’s time to part with your home? Choosing the right real estate professional is key.

Real estate is a business, just like anything else. And choosing the right business partner is key. Your home sale (and the purchase of another) will hinge on the success of your real estate professional and their business acumen and communication skills. A home sale is not simply about whether the home looks great or not, it’s about a host of other decisions and factors.

Your home sale will go smoothly if the agent has done their homework, asked the right questions, and prepared the buyer and/ or seller appropriately. In other sales industries, a salesperson would have several customer interactions via telephone or face-to-face, conduct in-depth discovery sessions, and use probing questions to fully understand expectations and motivations.

However, in a typical real estate transaction, you may have one or two meetings before a listing is awarded to someone.

When it comes to real estate advice, most of us have heard the mantra “location, location, location!” But it’s really much more than that. Investments are also contingent upon market prices, supply and demand, and what’s going on in the community around you.

There are 25 rules every homeowner needs to follow in order to sell a home, regardless of what you’ve heard in the past. These rules will help make your entire transaction smoother, more profitable, and even fun!

Read on and reap the benefits....

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