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Ready to sell your home? Are you sure? Like, for real?

Everyone has different reasons for selling their property. Some need to upsize or downsize, whilst others are just at that point in their lives to let their holiday home go.

Before you list your property on the market for sale ask yourself WHAT?, HOW?, WHERE? & WHEN? These 4 questions will determine whether you should do it now, or wait:

1. What is your reason for selling? There’s always a reason why you’re wanting to sell. What’s yours? Is it that you need more room? Maybe you’re working from home now and need a separate home office. Figure your reason out first before following through with your decision to sell. If you’re wanting to “test the market” then now may not be the ideal time for you to sell.

2. How serious are you about selling? How would you feel if the property doesn’t sell in a reasonable amount of time? Have you already found your next home? If you’re not concerned if it sells or not, now may not be the best time for you to list the property for sale.

3. Where are you going? After your property sells, where are you heading next? Staying and buying another property locally? Moving back to your original country? Or will you rent whilst you find your next home? If you have a plan for where you’re wanting to go after you’ve sold, then now is a good time to put the property on the market.

4. When are you hoping to make the move? How long have you given yourself? Are you moving for a new job? Before children start primary or secondary school? Discover and evaluate your own timescale.

No one knows when the best time to sell a property is, until it has passed. Use the 4 questions as a guide to help you understand your own needs and reasons for selling. You’ll be competing with serious sellers, so make sure you’re ready!

If you’re a serious seller but unsure where to start, head to to learn exactly what’s involved.


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