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Summer is a great time to sell your property, but what happens if your family have already booked their holiday to stay with you?

There is a way to keep everyone happy!

If your property is on the market for sale during summer and you’re nervous it may sell before your family have had their holiday, don’t panic!  But more importantly, don’t let it hold you back on listing the property for sale.

Us Real Estate Professionals are used to dealing with these circumstances, especially in popular holiday destinations like the Costa Blanca.  

When listing your property for sale, be sure to notify your Real Estate Agent about your upcoming guests.  They will be able to work with you on a positive outcome for all parties involved.  

If you find a buyer before your visitors have arrived, the easiest solution is to complete after your visitors have left!

Now is a great time to sell, without the worry of disrupting family holidays!  Call me today on 966 718 392!  We may already have your buyer!

Buying?  Download “Your ESSENTIAL property buying guide for 2024”:


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