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You may be satisfied renting for a while before you decide to buy, but are you really that comfortable knowing you’re throwing money away?

The longer you’re in rented accommodation, the longer it will take you to get on the property ladder.

Here are 4 reasons why you should stop renting and buy now!

1.WASTING MONEY! - As a homeowner you’re building your own equity with every monthly mortgage payment. Renting… your landlord will be happy because you’re lining their pocket instead of your own!

2. D.I.Y. - You want to try your hand at home improvements! You’ve been to the local D.I.Y store and feel you’re ready to “have a go!” Want to knock down a wall? Re-tile a bathroom? No problem if you own the home, but a big NO, NO if you don’t!

3. LANDLORD WANTS TO SELL - Think you’ll be renting the same home for years? Think again! If the homeowners financial circumstances change, they’ll have no choice but to evict the tenants and sell. You’re living in someone else‘s second home. And when capital needs to be released, second homes are always the first to be sold!

4. PRICE - Property prices are low right now. Jumping on the property ladder now before international buyers flock to our shores again will always be your best investment.

If you’re tired of throwing money away and are ready to become a Spanish homeowner, head to for a list of the best area deals!


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