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Enjoy an excerpt of my book, “Moving Forward..."

Selling property can be motivated by a variety of reasons. It might be that you’ve outgrown a house, that it’s time to downsize, or that there are negative memories associated with it.

Just because you may not stand to make a lot of money doesn’t mean selling isn’t going to greatly improve the quality of your life. The time to sell might just be now!

What can you gain by selling and downsizing, or selling and investing in an up-and-coming neighborhood, or a house that needs to be renovated?

What if you could move and find a phenomenal, affordable new home? Look at the big picture and not at just one transaction.

Evaluate all costs, and not just the monetary ones. You could be getting rid of high maintenance fees, monthly mortgage payments, community fees, or a commute that’s killing you slowly Monday to Friday.

Maybe you adore your present home and never thought of moving, but it’s too far from family, friends, church, or work and has become geographically challenging.

The emotional rewards are just as important as the financial rewards of where you live!

Thinking of selling but unsure where to start? Head to howtosellapropertyinspain to learn everything you need to know.


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