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Properties in Spain are subject to a yearly tax payment. This amount does vary depending on area, (coastal towns are usually higher than inland) and would be the equivalent of the Council Tax in the U.K. Known locally as Suma, however is officially known as “IBI - Impuestos de Bienes Inmuebles”.

Payable once a year between 25th July and 10th October, the Suma office manages tax payments on behalf of local City Councils.

The Suma or IBI payment covers all maintenance of local roads, street lighting, etc. however does not include private roads and lighting within communities. Their maintenance comes under the community fee.

As a property owner, there is an additional payment for the rubbish collection through the Suma office. This is known as “Recogida de Residuos” and is payable once a year between 7th March and 10th May.

If you own a property here, you will pay Suma.

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