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Purchasing a home on the Costa Blanca?

It may seem straightforward that the home seller owns their property, however there could be hidden details that are not apparent, even to that homeowner. Outstanding debts, mortgages or even liens could be registered against the property that the homeowners themselves may not be aware of.

In order to prove there are no outstanding debts registered against the property and to prove who actually owns it, a “Nota Simple” should be requested. This is a Land Registry Search.

You cannot order a Nota Simple with the property’s street address. You need to have its legal description. It will look like this: Tomo: 0000 Libro: 00 Folio: 000 Finca número: 0000 Inscripción: 0

The Nota Simple will show the current homeowners names, address of the property, square meters of the home and land it sits on. It will also show if there are any debts registered against the property.

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