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Think Winter Is The Wrong Time To Sell A Home? No!

As we are heading towards December, many homeowners think that they should take their property off the market or not put their home on the market at all right now and wait for Spring, as buyers will be too busy preparing for Christmas. This is not true!

Not only will you be helping other homeowners sell their homes before yours, due to the fact that buyers won’t even have the opportunity of looking at yours if you’re not on the market in the first place, but buyers love walking through a home that has the smells of the season from biscuits baking in the oven to pine scented candles.

Some properties actually show better during Winter. Especially if they are South facing. Winter sun purchasers often have “South facing” at the top of their wish list!

Buyers that visit this area during the winter months are generally serious purchasers. They are usually the type of people that don’t have the chance to take the time off during the rest of the year. Families especially, often search during the school holidays.

If your property is on the market and you’re tempted to remove it until January, find your willpower and stay the course.

There is always lower inventory during the Winter. If you wait until Spring to list your property for sale, you’ll be competing with everyone else that has that very same opinion. You don’t want to be competing with your price! Low inventory (properties on the market for sale) = higher price. High inventory = lower price.

Remember, your home won’t ever sell, if it’s not on the market!

Selling your home? Enjoy the journey!


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