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Yes it took a bit of getting used to, but what was considered “new” this time last year, is now classed as “normal” when it comes to viewing a property “virtually.” (Without being in Spain in person.)

Whether it’s because of travel restrictions or work commitments the easiest way of finding your new home, is online. It does take the legwork out of the house hunting process and ultimately, it will save you money. No more unnecessary renting or hotel stays, as you’ll be able to move straight into your new home once you’re able or ready to return to Spain.

And it’s not just happening in the Spanish property market either! Even as the world is opening back up, many people worldwide are continuing with this “new normal” process and use the internet with video calls to secure their next home.

If you’re familiar with a specific area, it does make the decision to buy “sight unseen” easier. This terminology means you’re purchasing a property without having seen it in-person.

Interested in buying a house “sight unseen”? Here are 3 tips to help with your online property search:

1. Find a Real Estate Agent you trust. If you don’t trust your agent to give you a truly honest opinion, then this option is not for you. You need them to be your eyes and ears, and not only tell you the good things, but you need to hear the bad things too.

2. Watch the virtual tour (video). This is the best option, as you can have a thorough look throughout the home, going through room by room. You can easily see things like flooring to air conditioning units and light fittings. Also, if the home is being sold furnished, you can have the inventory next to you, as you scan each room.

3. Most important of all: You need to accept the home will not be 100% perfect. There may be small things that you won’t like, or that need fixing. As long as you’re prepared, it will work out fine.

Buying a home “sight unseen” can be a great option if done properly.

If you use the technology that’s out there, you’ll never risk losing out on a home you love and at a price you’re willing to pay, again!

For more guidance on buying a property in Spain, download a complimentary copy of my Spanish Property Buying Guide for 2021! Head to today!


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