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When sorting out your budget to buy a home in Spain, it’s important to know exactly how much to allow for your “extra” costs. These are the legal fees that will be on top of your purchase price.

You don’t want to turn up for completion and not have enough money to pay for everything!

Here’s a short overview for the costs involved in purchasing a property in the Costa Blanca without a mortgage, based on a purchase price of €100,000.

1. Property Transfer Tax (Stamp Duty). When buying a resale property, the tax amount is 10% of the agreed purchase price. For example: €100,000 x 10% = €10,000

2. Notary & Land Registry fees. Allow €1,000 on a purchase price of €100,000, for both these fees together. (“The Notary” are government-appointed officials that draw up the Title Deeds. They are independent and don’t work for the buyer nor seller).

3. Lawyers fees. At a cost of around €1,000, they are worth every penny! More than carrying out the conveyancing (checking for debts and making sure the property is legal) they will give you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

By budgeting for these legal costs upfront, there’ll be no hidden surprises once you’ve found your dream home!

For information on the buying process in the Costa Blanca, head to to download a complimentary “Spanish Property Buying Guide for 2021”.


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