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The Coronovirus will not be around forever! But neither will your future home.

With the current health situations, and warnings going on around the world right now with the Coronovirus Covid -19, you shouldn’t stop searching for your future home. This virus will not be around forever, and neither will the home you wish to buy! Especially thanks to the internet.

With detailed videos available showcasing homes for sale, buyers from around the world are still able to reserve a property to buy, even without being here to see it in person.

We’ve been taking offers over the phone! Unusual? Yes! Unheard of? No! It’s just a modern way of buying a home.

People are using technology to their advantage. And good for them too! Want to see what the street looks like, without being here? No problem! You can use Google Earth!

Ask your Real Estate Agent these 3 important questions, to help guide you with your online property search:

1. What’s the street name? If the agent can provide you with a street name, all you need to do is go online and input the address into your search bar. Then click on maps. It really is that simple. You can then “virtually” walk yourself up and down the road the property is located on.

2. What are the room sizes? If you have access to every room size, you can quite comfortably sit in your own home, tape measure in hand, and compare your room measurements. It will give you a great indication of the actual size of the home. If you’re anything like me, I always find it more useful to know the sizes of individual rooms, rather than the total build size, as you could see a home with an exceptionally large lounge with tiny bedrooms. You wouldn’t be aware of this, if you only had the total square meterage of overall build size.

3. Is there a video showcasing every room? This is definitely the best way to “virtually” see the home, without being here in person. Still images can be “photoshopped” (altered) but videos will show every detail.

If you’re actively searching for your home online, you are most definitely not the only one! There are lots of like minded people out there. All looking to get their “virtual” hands on a deal, before someone else beats them to it.

Buying? Enjoy the “virtual” journey!


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