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The 5 Emotions Of Buying A House In Spain!

Buying a house in Spain is, and should be, a very exciting time for all buyers.  It’s probably the biggest dream that’s being fulfilled after a long working life, or the ideal holiday home for you and your family to enjoy during the upcoming years.  

Most people experience very similar emotions between the time of reserving their new home in the sun, to completion.

Here are the 5 most common emotions buyers experience, once they’ve reserved their dream home in Spain.

1.Excitement:  Once you’ve found that perfect property, you’re so excited and pleased with yourself that you’ve finally made a decision, and signed on that dotted line.

2.Anticipation:  After signing on the dotted line, you can’t wait for the time to pass in order for you to complete your purchase, but must remain patient.

3.2 Types Of Fear:  A) What have we done?  This is a common fear, but you need to have more faith in yourself and know that you’ve made a great decision.  B) Everything is going through too smoothly and something has to go wrong.  Reality is, nothing does go wrong!

4.Frustration:  You feel you should be doing more to be ready for your upcoming completion, but have to rely on your Real Estate Agent to notify you of anything you may need to do along the way.

5.Relief:  You’ve held your nerve and made it to completion.  You can now sigh with relief as your purchase went through without a hitch, and you’re now the proud new owner of a dream home in Spain!

It’s normal to experience these emotions, but you need to remember you’re not alone.  You’ll soon be joining the rest of the lucky homeowners that have all been in your shoes, at some point in their Spanish home-buying lives!

Hold your nerve and enjoy the ride!  It’ll be worth it!


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