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Swimming Pools Versus Hot Tubs

What’s better, a swimming pool or hot tub?  Which will add more value to your home?  Which do you think?

There’s no single rule for calculating how much installing a hot tub will increase the value of a home, if it does at all.  However, this really does depend on a few factors.

A freestanding hot tub, sits above ground.  These are the most popular of tubs around, as they can comfortably fit into various sized homes and gardens.  This type can add value to your home, depending on size and condition, of course.

If it’s a portable hot tub, i.e. inflatable, these are considered personal property, therefore add no value to the house.

A permanent hot tub sits in the ground, much like a swimming pool.  This type may increase your home value, although generally not as much as you had invested in the tub originally.

If you’re weighing up whether or not to build a pool, a private swimming pool will raise your home value, more than a hot tub.  But not every garden is big enough to have one installed.

Depending on size, on average a private swimming pool can add anything from €15,000 upwards, to your homes value.  You need to make sure though, that you’re not paying more than the added value, to have the pool built.

Only homebuyers can truly decide how much a swimming pool, or hot tub will add to the quality of their life.  Swimming pools make the hot months more bearable, and that reason alone could be enough to justify owning a private pool.  Whereas hot tubs offer significantly more health benefits.  

Buying or Selling?  Enjoy the journey!


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