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Should Your Children Influence Your Decision When Buying A Home?

Are you looking to buy a property, and have children under 18 years old?  How much does their opinion matter to you, about what type of property you should buy?  55% of homebuyers said that yes, their children’s opinion factored into their decision, whereas 74% of homebuyers with children up to 36 years of age said they only took their opinion into consideration.  

Of course psychologists say that children should be involved in making any big decisions, but we all know children’s opinions can change very quickly!  What they see on the internet, and watch on television has an influence on their current likes and dislikes.  They can become too fixated on certain features as they don’t have the ability or understanding to look at the bigger picture.  I’ve seen children start crying because their parents wanted to purchase a home without a swimming pool, which made them walk away and lose the home of their dreams, all because they focused on what their children wanted, but not what their budget allowed them.

You as the parent can make your children feel included without allowing their opinions to overrule yours.  You’re the adult, it’s your hard earned money, so take the decision by the reins and decide what would best suit your needs both as a family, and yourself.


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