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Should you stage your home to sell?

It’s no secret that staging your home will help it sell faster, and for more money.  So getting ahead of the game is key, when you’re ready to list your home for sale.

If you’re residing here permanently, then most certainly you’ll have accumulated lots of treasures during the years of living here.  But there’s more to it than just de-cluttering!

Living room – Does the furniture need rearranging?  Is the dining table making the room feel small, having so many chairs around it?  How about removing a couple of chairs?

If you have both a two seater and three seater settee in the room, swap them over to see if it makes the room look bigger.  By making even a small change, like a “swap,” can create a big impact.

If you’ve experienced family out on holiday that sit on your lovely clean settee, covered in sun cream, only to leave behind a nice greasy mark that you now can’t remove.  Make sure you cover it!  No buyer wants to even imagine what that mark could be.  Draping a neatly folded throw strategically across the mark, will divert eyes away, and create the feeling of an “on trend” room.

Put the rugs away!  This time of year buyers need to feel cool, and having too many rugs around the house, will create the feeling that the room is just too hot.  Roll most of them up, and store them under the bed or even inside a wardrobe.  Anywhere, as long as most of them are out of the way.

Kitchens – Put away all drying racks, sponges, soap, washing up bottles, etc.  Especially chopping boards.  Buyer’s eyes need to focus on the appliances, and workspace.  So keep the worktops free from clutter.  Remove any magnets, notes, etc. from the fridge door.   The fewer items buyers see, the more they can take in the actual size of the room they’ll be spending a lot of their time in.

Bathrooms – Put all hygiene products firmly away in cupboards.  No one needs to see how you keep yourself looking so great everyday!  Keep one toilet roll out and neatly fold the corners.  I’m sure you’ve seen how they do it in hotels.  Well, you can do the same.  It makes it look like you pay attention to detail!  More importantly, in the smallest room of the house… close the toilet lid!  Don’t ask why… just do it!  It immediately makes the room look tidier.

The bedroom.  After de-cluttering any items from the top of units, side tables, etc. remove any extra furniture that makes the room look small.  If you have any extra chairs in there, you’ll have to find somewhere else to store them.  Remove any intimate pictures.  But most importantly in this room, you need to make the bed!  And that means every day!  You never know when you could have buyers round to view, so act like a good Scout and “be prepared!”

And lastly, light bulbs.  Make sure they all work.  That’s it.  It really is that simple!  

Staging a home most definitely works.  I’ve done it myself lots of times.  Lyn (my Mother) and I have been into many a home to rearrange the furniture, remove rugs, hide things in drawers and stage the home to sell.  And guess what?  The homes sold to the first people that viewed, straight after we had staged them!


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