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Should You Buy A Home Right Now?

Should you buy a home right now? Well the simple answer to that is, yes!

We need to keep the economy moving. Both for local businesses, and on a larger scale. The economy always starts with the property market, and when that stops, it affects everyone. If properties are not being sold, no new people are coming to the area spending their money, of which affects furniture stores to local bars and

restaurants. We all need to support every local business around us, so they can continue to trade but also, so they can keep their staff employed too.

There is however, always a silver lining to whatever state the economy is in, and that right now is that current interest rates are at a low of only 1.5%, which means it is the perfect time to take advantage and secure your future home. Banks will start to put their interest rates up, as soon as they see people spending.

There is always bumps in the property market, but I would call this more of a “life is on pause” situation. No-one ever knows when the right time to buy a home is, until it has passed. If a buyer is ready and in a good financial position, it’s as good a time to buy as any!

This virus will pass, but in the meantime, we need to keep the local economy moving. Support your local business!

Whilst you’re in isolation, and those four walls feel like they’re closing in on you, head to to find your future home. We offer the best videos showcasing a selection of great quality and legal homes for sale. You can schedule your virtual appointment today, call 966 718 392.


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