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Simplifying the process of selling a furnished resale property is essential. It's important to have clarity on what's part of the sale even before a buyer comes into the picture. Creating an inventory list of the furniture included in the sale before listing the property is a proactive step that prevents potential disputes down the line.

When details are in black and white, there's no room for uncertainty. Consider this scenario: without an inventory list, you might tell the buyer that the property comes fully furnished except for personal items. But what exactly constitutes personal belongings? Could a dining table and chairs fall into that category? What about a bed? Is the personal nature determined by whether the dining set was a gift? The absence of a documented inventory list opens the door to endless debates and tension.

Lawyers often retain a portion of the sale funds if the agreement was to leave furniture, and items are found missing on the completion day, as a form of compensation for the buyer.

In the context of selling a resale home in the Costa Blanca, even if you label it "unfurnished," the norm is to still include appliances like the fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and washing machine, together with light fixtures and/or ceiling fans. The same principle applies to window coverings. If you decide not to include these items in the sale, it's vital to transparently communicate this to the buyer from the outset.

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