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When potential buyers are looking at your property, what will they be saying about your home? Which room will they remember the most when they leave?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. 8 out of 10 buyers are more interested in the kitchen than any other room in the house. If your kitchen is looking dirty, drab or outdated, buyers will remember your home for the wrong reasons.

When selling your property, you need to make your home memorable to a buyer. The quickest and easiest way to impress your buyer is with your kitchen. You don’t have to have a complete overhaul, but with a few minor changes, you’ll have buyers dreaming about your home instead of trying to erase the nightmare from memory!

Here are 3 easy ways of updating your kitchen before you sell:

1. Upgrade the work tops. Granite and marble are the most popular but there are other affordable options too. A new work top will work wonders for creating a quick kitchen facelift!

2. Paint the cabinets: If the cabinets are in good order, but the style and colour looks dated, a quick fix is with paint! Be mindful of the color palette! No bright tones. Choose neutral colours as it will make any kitchen look bigger and brighter. Whilst you’re refreshing the cabinet doors, replace the door handles. This will create a more finished look.

3. New backsplash: Backsplashes can make a big difference in a dated kitchen. Either go with a new tile, or paint the existing ones. As long as you don’t choose anything dark, this will make the kitchen look fresh and clean.

It’s safe to say, buyers love kitchens. Most of all they love clean kitchens. If you’re ready to start selling your property, make sure you give your kitchen a deep clean first. Including inside the oven, microwave and fridge!

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