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When a buyer walks in, how will they see your home? Will the condition of your property be inviting, repellent, or neutral? Neutral means nothing special. We want the buyer to KNOW your home is something special when they first set foot inside!

Remove, fix, paint, or patch anything that makes the house look as if it isn’t ready to be sold.

Present your home in its best condition, competitively priced with the best terms available, and the sale will be much more fluid. Homebuyers seek a fresh, clutter-free environment with which to fall in love, one that appears to be well cared for and in good repair. As in fine dining, presentation is everything!

In today’s world, preparation applies to the virtual environment, too.

The average home buyer has already spent hours on the Internet searching for homes. They’ve watched the virtual tour and have seen inside your living room. Online, the photos may make your house look like a showroom or a model home. Will the on-site tour live up to the online images?

Both impressions are equally important.

The condition of your property starts with clear pictures on the Internet, professional photography that captures all the positives, diminishes any negatives, and relays visually stimulating scenes in every area of your home. By continuing this same mindset with the first face-to-face visit with the home, you create confidence with the prospective buyer and build upon that initial image of credibility. This is a home they liked online, and when they visit this becomes a home they like when they’re standing inside it. Real estate agents call it curb appeal!

There’s that 10-second rule when meeting people, where you sum up who they really are immediately… that first impression. Houses are the same.

Make sure your home is inviting, and have it cleaned from the curb to the front door. Once the buyer enters, let nothing be offensive or disorganized. Pay attention to the details! How does it smell? Make sure there’s no odour, clutter, picture, sound, or furnishing that is overpowering. Make every detail positive and memorable.

For more tips and advice on selling your property, download a complimentary copy of our book “Moving Forward - 25 Essential Rules For Buying & Selling Real Estate Without Going Crazy!”

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