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Selling?  No Offers Yet?

What if I were to tell you, that YOU could increase your chances of selling your home faster, by doing just one thing?

Well this is true!

Most people nowadays are very familiar with knowing that they need to de-clutter, clean and make the home presentable, to welcome any buyer coming in.

But what they need to pay the most attention to, is the price!

No matter what any home seller may think their property is worth, it is always the market that decides a home’s value.  A busy market can mean a higher value. A slow market means a lower value.  I have yet to find a home to which this rule does not apply, whether it’s a dilapidated shack or a glamorous mansion.

Regardless of a property’s condition, there are “investors” out there that offer a low price and usually say, “take it or leave it.”  They also say, their price is the right one.  

It’s the market that will decide when the price of the house, matches the product. 


Is your home priced accordingly?  Is it updated and in proper repair?  If not, the market will prove that your price has to take any renovation or repair work into account, for it to sell.  Buyers will be comparing your home against its competitors in the marketplace, so you need to put a price on that reflects its condition.  If you are reluctant to make any repairs, the price will have to reflect that.  And, if you have no funds available to make any repairs, then lowering the asking price will entice someone solely on value.

If a house is overpriced, the market will respond with a lack of interest, fewer viewings and no offers.  Price fixes everything.

Selling?  Enjoy the journey.


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