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Selling A Home In 2021

Like it or not, selling a home is not the same today as it used to be. Lots of changes have taken place during the past year that we’ve all had to get used to and will be considered “standard” in 2021.

More online viewings and less face to face interaction is now the “new normal”.

Preparing your home for sale in 2021 will involve being more creative, especially when those photos and videos are being taken. No more “it’ll do” attitude! You need to focus on what buyers are seeing online. Do your photos really showcase your homes features?

Property descriptions. Many agents don’t even bother writing a compelling description on a home. But in 2021 buyers will be reading everything they can get their hands on. Remember, they’re doing research themselves online without the privilege of being in Spain and walking into an Estate Agents office. The more information you can give a buyer, the better.

There will be even more online property purchases in 2021 instead of buyers waiting to jump on a plane, together with completions being finalized by Power of Attorney instead of being here in person.

Changes are always difficult to get used to. They are in place to keep everything moving forward and everyone safe to enjoy life in Spain!

Is your home ready to be sold in 2021? For expert advice email or call 966 718 392.


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