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Selling A Home During A Pandemic!

Is your property for sale? Maybe you’re getting ready to bring it to the market, as soon as lockdown is over. Either way, things are going to be a little different for the time being, regarding the viewing process.

First and foremost, everyone needs to feel safe. So allowing anyone and everyone through your door, is a definite no, no.

After lockdown is over, the only way to get through the first stages will be by appointment only. You will need to make sure buyers are well qualified before allowing them through your door. Do they have something to sell? Are they looking with the intention of buying now? If they are only being curious, then it’s best not to let them in for now. It will not be the time for “looky-looky,” people.

With that being said, here are 3 things worth considering when you’re ready to show your home to a potential buyer:

1. No judgments - This means whoever the buyer is, nationality, ethnicity, etc. will have the same respect equally. It is fair to ask them if they have been exposed to the Coronavirus. However, if you’re asking one person, you must ask everyone. Do not single one person out from another.

2. If you reside in the home you are selling, I advise you to disinfect high-touch areas, like countertops, door handles, light switches, etc. And if you can, leave hand sanitizer out for the buyers to use. Once the viewing is over, clean and disinfect thoroughly.

3. Social distancing will still apply, even in your own home, so if you’re doing the showing yourself, take a step back and give the buyers the space to feel comfortable and safe. 2 Metres (approximately 6 feet) distance between you and the buyer.

These are unprecedented times for everyone, so buyers will understand the reasons for your questions. They will also want you to feel safe too. We all need to work through the transition back to normality, together.

If you’re struggling in your own home, either because of the lack of space, or for financial reasons, but aren’t sure what the process is for selling a property in Spain, I will be holding an online webinar* presentation on Friday 8th May, 2020 at 12 noon. A “Sellers Guide Checklist!” Everything you need to know about selling a property in the Costa Blanca. Register at to save your seat! There is a limit of attendees, so early registration is recommended.

*A webinar is a presentation held over the internet, that you canwatch from your computer in the comfort and safety of your own home. You do not need to have your webcam on, as I will be presenting in “watch only” mode.


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