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By the time you receive an offer on your property, you’re in one of two mindsets:

A) I want my asking price! Or B) Let’s hear what you’re offering!

Either way, if you really are ready to sell, then now’s the time to prepare for


Negotiating your way through an offer is more than just about money. There are lots of ways of arriving at a deal that suits both you as a seller, and your buyer.

Here are 3 tips to negotiating your way to a great deal:

TOO LOW! - If the first offer is too low, try going back to the buyer with a counter offer. Keep the conversation going until you reach an agreement that satisfies you both. Beware: Playing hardball with a buyer does have its risks. If you’re holding strong on a number that the buyer is just not willing to pay, ask yourself this, “how you would feel if the buyer walked away?”

FURNITURE - If your asking price is pretty tight and has not left you with much “wiggle room,” see if you can throw in some extra items of furniture. I’ve even had some home sellers include their car to sweeten the deal!

TIMEFRAME - You may be in a rush to move out, but your buyer may need a little extra time to complete. Especially during the pandemic. Negotiating on the timeframe could be the way you seal the deal!

Everyone loves a deal! But not everyone is comfortable negotiating. Have a conversation with your Real Estate Agent and listen to their advice. Let them do the negotiating for you. Look ahead to the finish line…. Good negotiating will lead to your property being sold!

If you’re ready to sell your home or you’ve been on the market without any serious offers, we can help! Call us on 966 718 392 or email and we’ll schedule a free strategy session with me! Ciudad Quesada & immediate surrounding areas are our specialty!


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