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Looking for a home in Spain, but contemplating whether to rent first before you buy? Consider these “not so fun” facts, first:

You’ll be throwing money away! If you’re only renting for a short period, i.e. between reservation and completion, you should only be out of pocket for a couple of months. Rent for as short a time as possible. The money you save on rent can increase your buying power, go towards your legal costs or even pay for new furniture!

There’s no place like home! The longer you rent, you’ll find it harder to settle. You’ll be losing money left, right and centre as it’ll be a costly experience if you decide to move back to your own country.

You have no security! The owner could decide to sell at any time. Then you’ll have to move again. It can be very unsettling and upsetting.

Think you’ll be saving money by renting? Think again! It can be a costly experience!

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