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Fortunately, rainfall is a rare occurrence on the Costa Blanca.

It's important to note that as a homeowner, you're not permitted to block the natural flow of rainwater.  However, this doesn't grant you the freedom to let it flow onto your neighbour's property without consideration.

Homeowners have the responsibility to ensure that rainwater from their property doesn't cause harm to their neighbours' premises.  

It's also worth noting that during ongoing construction of any neighbouring plots, builders may require you to cover the cost of diverting rainwater away from their property and building sites.  Additionally, you have the right to demand the cleanup or removal of any stagnant water.

Tip: Install rain barrels to collect rainwater from your roof solarium. This harvested water can be used for watering plants, washing outdoor equipment, or other non-potable purposes.  It not only reduces demand on water supplies but also mitigates runoff.

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