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Price fixes everything

Price fixes everything!

Nowadays, most vendors are well aware that they should tidy up, clean, and enhance the appearance of their home in order to attract potential buyers. Nevertheless, the primary focus should be on the price, even in a bustling real estate market.

Irrespective of a seller's perception of their property's worth, it’s always the market that ultimately determines its value. In a thriving market, the value tends to be higher, whereas in a sluggish market, it tends to be lower. I have yet to come across a property, whether a rundown shack or an opulent mansion, where this principle does not hold true.

Prospective buyers will evaluate your home in comparison to other options available on the market. If a house is priced too high, the market will respond with disinterest, fewer viewings, and no offers.

Remember this... Price fixes everything!

If your home has been on the market without any offers, take action today and reach out to me at 966 718 392 for a complimentary consultation and valuation.

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