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Preparing For Your Move!

Whether you’re thinking of selling or are in the process of completing your sale, there’s one thing that most people dread…. Moving out!

It’s not too bad if you’re selling your holiday home, as most times they’ll be sold fully furnished. But, if it’s your permanent residence, you’ll have accumulated not only additional furnishings, but lots of memories along the way that need to be boxed up and moved with you, on to your new home.

It’s always advisable to start early and having a sort through what you’ll be wanting to keep, and what you’ll be wanting to sell or donate, when your house comes to the market for sale. But I know that this isn’t everyone’s favourite job, and putting it off until you’ve found a buyer seems like a good idea. If you start early enough and do a little at a time, this will definitely help ease any potential stress of the impending move.

But, if time is not on your side and you need to “get moving” literally and physically, then start by putting post-it notes on your items. Use green ones for “go,” red ones for “no” and yellow ones for “maybe.”

If you need boxes, instead of buying them, why not go to your local supermarket and ask them for some. They’re always throwing boxes out and will be glad to let you have them for free.

When it comes to boxing up fragile items, wrap them in towels and clothing. This will save you money on bubble wrap and paper.

Jewellery can slide everywhere, even in jewellery boxes. By threading necklaces through a straw then closing the clasp will keep them from tangling together.

Most importantly with any move, is to be prepared for your first night in your new home. Keep one box to the side with all of your immediate necessities within easy reach. Put in the box: paper plates, plastic cutlery, paper cups, kitchen towel, toilet paper, soap and dishwashing liquid. At least now you won’t be rummaging around going through every box looking for soap! But, more importantly is to keep all your medications to hand.

You do know the easier alternative is to pay someone to do all this for you - whilst you sit back and look forward to the first night in your new home!

Selling your home? Enjoy the journey!


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