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Selling your home right now may be a little challenging, but there are some things you can do yourself to help attract a buyer.

Photos should be your top priority, as this is what will make your buyer decide whether to venture out to view it, or not. Photos, in the current market, will make or break your potential sale, so they need to be as attractive as possible.

Have you seen some of the property photos that are out there on the internet? I’ve no idea how any of them expect to sell anything, least of all thousands of Euros worth of property!

To me, the most offensive ones are scruffy bathrooms with the toilet seats left up. I’ve also been surprised how many people focus their camera on other things, other than what’s actually up for sale.... The property!

Many amateur Real Estate Agents tend to focus the lens on furnishings, instead of the room as a whole. This baffles me! Again... what are you selling? The home or the furniture?

Houses can be very deceptive from the outside, especially if they’re tucked behind high privacy walls. Photos in these circumstances need to highlight the main features of the home, to encourage a buyer to even have the desire to view it in person.

Photos that are bright, in focus and show the actual rooms, will always stand out above the rest.

If there’s one thing our photographer Tony Dallow, always says, it’s this.. “To capture a tidy, light room, means no explanation is necessary. The image will speak for itself. But, to photograph a messy, dark room, means you better brush up on your selling skills, pronto!”

If you’re ready to sell your home, or are already on the market, head to for my list of the “80 Things You Can’t Afford To Neglect When Selling Your Home!”

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