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Online House Hunting?  3 Things You Should Ignore!

When searching online for your home, you rely greatly on listing photos and virtual tours to narrow down your favourites.  So if they’re not clear and clutter free images, you may just pass by on what could be your hidden gem!

Here are 3 instances, that could be off putting when you’re searching online for your home, but shouldn’t stop you from viewing it, and consider making an offer, particularly if you love the style, layout or location:

1.Rooms Not Being Used In The Way For Which They Were Intended – A bedroom could be being used as a dining room, or a dining room could be being used as an office.  Just because the current homeowners are using their space for what best suits their lifestyle, doesn’t mean to say that you have to keep it that way.  Try to imagine your own furnishings in the room.  If you’re one of the many people that find it difficult to imagine what the room could look like, I do know Ikea has an App that can help you design your own room with furniture.

2.Wall Colours – Today’s buyers are always pushed for time.  So they are looking for something that’s ready to move into, or at least would see them through the first year without having to do many improvements to the home.  If you, as a buyer, are seeing listing photos displaying walls that are an array of unwelcoming colours, then try to imagine what a fresh coat of white paint will look like!  It’s a win, win situation.  Not only will your home seller need to adjust their asking price, but once you’ve repainted, you’ll have the exact colour you like, and you’ll have a fresh smelling room, ready for you to move into!

3.Lots Of Personal Items On Display – Some buyers do have a hard time trying to imagine themselves in their future home, so leaving personal photos and souvenirs on show can be a little off putting.  Homes that sell quickly have one thing in common.  They offer a neutral ambience.  From the colour scheme to the lack of personal items on display that relate to the owner.  If you’re looking at a home that’s full of clutter, don’t swipe past it – it could be a keeper!

Most buyers today find it hard to see through a homeowners mess or unique style, so as a seller, make the effort to present your property at it’s best!

And to you the buyer, if you see a home online that’s in a great location, go see it!  Ignore the things you can change, and consider whether you can make the home your own!


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