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Searching for a home in the Costa Blanca? Typical questions you ask yourself are “What style of home should we be looking for?” “Where should our property be located?” But how about asking, “Which way does it face?”

Choosing the orientation of a home can also depend on what time of year you plan to use it. Will you be residing in it full time or using it as a holiday home?

North facing = Cooler in the summer months.

South facing = Warmer in the winter months.

East facing = Warmer in the mornings.

West facing = Warmer in the afternoons & evenings.

Facing North is preferred by the locals, as homes are cooler during the summer heat. South facing is preferred by those seeking Winter sun. East is for those early risers that love taking in the sunrise. And West is best for those who enjoy warm evenings and sunsets.

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