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As we’re now in the final financial quarter of 2023, let’s take a quick look back to see how the 3rd quarter of 2023 played out.

Here’s a brief look back at the median asking prices of properties that were on the market for sale in a select few areas of the Vega Baja:

03170 Rojales: €407,019 Price per square meter: €2,612

03178 Benijofar: €316,988 Price per square meter: €2,499

03169 Algorfa: €305,683 Price per square meter: €2,269

03184 La Siesta: €187,321 Price per square meter: €1,866

03193 San Miguel De Salinas: €320,492 Price per square meter: €2,359

03189 Orihuela Costa: €356,457 Price per square meter: €2,791

Prices did fluctuate slightly during this last quarter, however seem to have stabilized now.

Noticeable demand has been very much lower amongst Scandinavian buyers. British, Irish, Belgian and Dutch seem to be the most popular local buyers. Their preference being for the more traditional Spanish-style home, as prices are more competitive.

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