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There are so many Real Estate Agents that claim to be “the best”, “number one” not forgetting, “specialists” in your area, but a lot has changed during the last year.

Since the pandemic started here in March 2020 there have been many agents that have closed some or all of their extended branches, or even closed their office doors for good. But what if they have your property listed for sale? Where does that leave you?

Unfortunately there are Agents that still advertise as if their offices or branches are still open for business, when really they have since long gone! Doors closed. Signs down. Furniture gone. Electric off. But did they inform you?

If you’re local to the area in which your Real Estate Agent is claiming to be operating in, you’d better jump in the car and go take a look to make sure their offices and extended branches are all still open. If you’re not in Spain, ask a neighbour to check this out for you. Office phone numbers can be redirected so don’t rely on just calling them. Anyone can claim they have multiple offices, but do they really? Are they really all still open and operational?

Your property will never sell if your Real Estate Agent’s office or branch isn’t even there anymore.

Buyers need to have full confidence in a Real Estate Agent before committing to purchase a property here too. If they feel they’re being duped by an agent, or are the result of false advertising, they will not buy your property!

Do you really know your Real Estate Agent? When choosing a professional to represent your property sale, do your homework first.

Ready to sell your property and are not currently in Spain? Head to today!


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