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Did you have a “sneak peek” online at a selection of wonderful homes out there on the market for sale, whilst in lockdown? Tempting aren’t they?

Were you dreaming about swimming in your own private swimming pool? Or maybe having a decent sized balcony, garden or roof solarium to catch a breath of fresh air?

After weeks of daydreaming about moving home whilst being in isolation, you’ve now decided to set the wheels in motion and start searching for your next property.

But, is it possible to carry out a viewing on a home right now, safely? Yes! However, you need to follow important guidelines to make sure everyone continues to stay safe.

1. Make sure you are wearing a face mask and gloves.

2. Use hand sanitizer.

3. Keep your distance.

4. Travel in your own vehicle.

Make your viewing appointment over the phone or by email, then arrange to meet either at the Real Estate Agent’s office or direct at the property.

Do not greet anyone with a handshake. Do you know how awkward this really is? Very! We’ve all got to get used to a simple wave of the hand instead.

When you’re inside the property, if you touch anything like door handles, sliding wardrobe doors, etc., use your hand sanitizer afterwards.

Whether you’re viewing the property with the Real Estate Agent or direct with the homeowner, maintain a 2 metre distance.

Once the viewing is over, sanitize your hands again before getting in your vehicle.

It will be a little awkward to start with, but it does benefit us all.

Anyone that’s viewing our properties will receive a V.I.P. bag (Very Important Protection) that contains everything needed to carry out a viewing safely.

If you’re ready to resume your property search, or are starting for the first time, head to for a beautiful selection of hand picked, legal resale homes for sale. Be sure to watch our vivid 3D walkthrough videos, from the comfort and safety of your own home!


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