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Deciding where to buy is just as important as choosing the right home to purchase. Location should be taken into consideration when searching for your ideal place in the sun. For example running costs on the property can vary depending on which Town Hall/municipality the home is registered under.

Here are 3 points to pay attention to, when choosing an area:

1. What are the annual rates/council tax (IBI - Suma) on the property? You’ll find the coastal towns do charge more than the smaller villages, as they have more overheads. Remember the coastal Town Halls have to pay for the maintenance of our lovely beaches!

2. Is the property amongst residents or in a tourist area? The Costa Blanca offers many beautiful places to own a home. If you’re heading to the coast, many beach towns close down for the winter months. If you’re planning on using your property during Winter, you should consider a location where there are residents. This means that all local amenities will remain open year round.

3. Will you need to apply for permission from the Ministry of Defense? If you are a British Citizen (Not an E.U. member), you may need to apply for a certificate granting you permission to own a property in certain areas. If a property is located on Military land, you’ll need to apply for a criminal record check from your country of residence. This can delay your completion by months!

When purchasing a property, choosing the right location is more than about how pretty it looks! To learn more about the buying process in the Costa Blanca, head to to download a complimentary Spanish Property Buying Guide for 2021.


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