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How To Choose A Real Estate Agent?

Selling your property in Spain? Most people feel as if all Real Estate Agents are alike. It won’t matter which one you choose because they’ll all say and do the same things. They all show houses! But that’s like saying all hairdressers are alike!

The Real Estate professional you choose to represent your home sale and negotiate the purchase of another will absolutely make or break your deal. So how do you choose which agent is your best option?

The success of a home sale transaction comes down to sales skill and business acumen.

Is the agent you choose, one who will be passive or proactive? Is this individual a true Real Estate professional, or just someone selling houses on the side? The answer will make the difference between failure and success. Don’t make the mistake of choosing someone based on personality, price or likability. Choose a Real Estate professional who is authentically focused on success. Anyone can throw figures in the air and dazzle you with what you want to hear. When in reality, they know they’ll be hitting you with a cheeky offer down the line.

Recognizing trends, seeing pluses or minuses in the property versus the competition, and seeing how to alter the home’s condition or price point will either pinch or profit the seller’s bottom line.

Any agent can stick a sign on your property and take pictures. But so much more than mundane activities go into a successful and profitable sale, especially during a pandemic.

A proactive agent understands product positioning and will accentuate every positive about the home that will squeeze every Euro of value out of the sale.

A proactive agent will be empathetic to your needs but strong enough to stay the course to get the mission accomplished. The best professionals succeed by telling you the truth about what needs to be done to move the sale along successfully instead of only telling you what you want to hear. A strong success record equals a strong agent.

Ready to sell your property? Check you have the correct paperwork by heading to to download the list.


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