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How Soon Can You Sell A Home After Buying It?

Most times you’ll hear people say, you should keep your property for at least 5 years before selling it, especially if you want to recoup the legal costs too.  However, there are times that this rule is just a myth, and should be ignored.

1.You purchased it low and the value has gone up.  If you bought a “bargain,” and the market is hot, selling up sooner rather than later is absolutely the right thing to do.  You purchased it low, knowing you’d make a tidy profit, so there’s no point in waiting for 5 years, if you can make money on it now.

2.The area has gone down.  Buying in an area that is going downhill will ultimately have a negative effect, on your home’s value.  Selling as soon as possible would be the ideal scenario, to try to salvage as much of your home’s equity as possible.  Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and get out while you can.

3.You hate living there.  Money isn’t everything, and if you just really hate living there, then you most definitely should sell.

There is no legal limit on how long you have to keep a property after buying it.  You could purchase on a Monday and sell it on Tuesday!  The decision of how long to own a home, is entirely up to you.

Selling?  Enjoy the journey!


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