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How Serious Are You About Selling Your Home?

Are you one of the many people that put your property on the market, knowing full well, that your asking price is unachievable?

This occurs more often than you think, and a problem that has nothing to do with the property itself, but is a psychological dilemma for you, the homeowner.

When you knowingly put your property on the market for a higher than market value price, then you’re not doing yourself any favours. You need to ask yourself why is it that you’re even on the market, and if you really do want to sell?

If you’ve been on the market for more than a year, and there is nothing structurally wrong with your house, then I can guarantee the problem is your asking price.

When your property has been up for sale for such a long time with offers you’ve been consistently refusing, this is the number one telltale sign that you need to change your way of thinking, and ask yourself what it is you really want to achieve.

The property market has been busy this year, but buyers won’t be duped into paying over the odds, so you need to ask your trusted Real Estate Agent for an up-to-date price assessment on your home. But more importantly, you need to listen to them.

By keeping your property above market value, will deter buyers from even putting an offer forward.

What do you think is going to be different now, compared to the last one to two years of being on the market? Think you’re going to attain a higher price? Wrong! The amount of time you’ve been on the market will ultimately affect your offer. I’ve heard every excuse in the book, when it comes to why people want the price they ask, and a reason like “taking the funds back to the U.K. will not buy exactly what I want,” does not change the true market value of a property here. No buyer will pay more for a home, just because they feel sorry for you.

Maybe you always get cold feet when an offer is forthcoming? You’re quite happy to stay put, moaning and groaning on how long you’ve been up for sale, as you get scared when you think things are moving too fast, when you know you’re going to need time to sort through your effects for the impending move. But let’s face it, you’ve been on the market for so long, and you’re still putting the de-cluttering off! What does that tell you? The answer is maybe you’re not ready to actually let go, and if you have a reasonable asking price, you may just, dare I say it? SELL!

With any home sale, it can feel stressful. But you’re not having to move out tomorrow, so don’t panic! Speak with your Real Estate Agent, and tell them you need a longer time between reservation to completion. They will work with you and help you along the way.

Choose the correct price for your home, get it sold, and move on to your next chapter in life. Don’t you feel in limbo, waiting for a sale that you’re holding yourself back on? Act now and stop putting off the inevitable. You’ll be glad in the end you did, when you’re sitting relaxed in your new home!

Selling your home? Enjoy the journey!


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