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Don't Assume A Buyer Will Have Vision.

Creating a space in which buyers can see themselves in, is one of the fundamentals of selling a home. The typical real estate agent might tell you that the buyer will have imagination and will be able to change the paint colour on the walls, in order to fit their own needs.

Have a purple kitchen? No problem! The buyer will have vision! Have strange, outdated furniture or a hobby collecting ceramic statues?  That’s ok!  The buyer will overlook it!

Run as fast as you can from any agent who gives you that kind of advice, because it simply is not true.

Some buyers are accustomed to managing home makeovers or even building a house or redecorating—the vast majority are not!

Buyers must be able to see themselves living in your home when they walk through it.

Are there too many family photographs on the counters or walls? Do you have a specific hobby, a fascination with a certain culture, or a distinct type of art gracing every room of your home?

Understanding a buyer’s mentality is key.  Every individual is different, and every member within the family in search of a home, is different too.

Make the inside of the home as crisp and clean as possible.

If the walls are any colour except the palette of neutrals found in current new construction homes, buyers may not be able to envision themselves in that space.  Create a blank page as much as possible.

Apple™ has a clean white store, clean white products, and lots of accessories in various colours that the consumer can add to their core white product.

Think of your home like a blank canvas, and let the buyer be the creator and the artist of their own space.

Despite the effort it may take, it’s crucial to apply a neat, neutral paint job to the rooms that need it.  Paint is extremely affordable, and although a neutral colour is not what you may want to live with every day (remember it’s not about you!), neutral walls always show better than designer colours from more than five years ago.  A professional real estate agent knows this and is honest about the small details that can kill or ignite a deal.

A big myth homeowners often have is that the buyer can simply overlook certain things that stand out, like crazy colours or collectibles.  The truth is that these things distract buyers

from appreciating your home, and most buyers will simply just move on to the next house.

Present an inviting, peaceful, and calm space where prospective buyers can imagine themselves creating their own identity.

Selling?  Enjoy the journey!

Ready to sell your home?  Head to for a list of the 80 things not to neglect when selling your home!


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