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I’ve been in the Real Estate industry for over 30 years and I get to hear and see firsthand everyday, what buyers and sellers are thinking about the property market. Buyers want the best deal. Naturally! And sellers want the best price. Of course! After months of research since the start of the pandemic, we have gathered the resources to be able to equip both buyers and sellers with the tools to secure a great home, and attain a great price.

So how can you make sure you buy the home you want?

Are you ready to go if you see a property you wish to buy?

Imagine you’re a buyer. A property advert catches your eye. You’ve read all the information available and now you’d like to make an appointment to view online or in person. Before the Real Estate Agent will book you in, they’ll ask if you’re in a position to reserve a property to buy. Knowing you have the deposit money readily available, you’ll confidently answer them with a yes!

Well, do you have the deposit money available, if you see a property you wish to buy?

By making sure you have that downpayment ready, you’ll be in a position to reserve your dream home as soon as you see it.

Before you start your property search, find out these 3 points:

  1. How much deposit will be required to reserve a home to buy?

  2. When will the deposit payment be due after you’ve decided which property to buy?

  3. Is it refundable if your Lawyer finds a problem with the paperwork?

Imagine if you didn’t have the deposit money ready when you found your ideal property. You’d be heartbroken if you’d fallen in love with the perfect home and someone else slipped right in and paid the deposit before you. If your deposit money is not available, you shouldn’t be going on property viewings, as you’ll keep being pipped to the post with buyers that are ready.

Do you have your deposit money available if you see a property to buy? If not, stop looking and start saving! By saving for a deposit before you actively start looking, means you’ll never lose out on reserving your dream home again!

Need more information on how much deposit will be required to reserve a property to buy? Call Catriona today on 966 718 392 or email:

Tired of renting someone else’s property and now want your own? You’ve been saving and now your deposit money is ready, sitting in the bank. You’ve looked online and found a property that is everything you wanted in a home. You contact the Estate Agent for an online viewing appointment. Before scheduling you in, they ask you… “are you in a position to reserve a property to buy?” Imagine how helpful they’ll be when you answer them with a confident, yes!

Wanting to buy a property in Spain but unsure where to start? We have the tools and resources to help guide you through the entire process. Call us on (+34) 966 718 392 or email: for expert advice. Knowing you have your deposit available when you’re ready to view will be very satisfying when you’re the one pipping someone else to the post!


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