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Check Your Home Is Ready To Be Sold With These 7 Tips!

From the entrance of your home to the inside, you need to create the best first impression you can, when preparing your home for sale.  So here are 7 tips to pay extra attention to:

1.If your home has a driveway in front of the home, be certain that it is clear of clutter, clean and any cracks are filled - If you have a carport, and it's looking dirty, use a pressure washer to freshen the look.

2. Pay extra attention to flooring, lighting, and walls - Consider adding centerpiece plants or flowers to enhance dull entryway tables and eliminate other clutter than often gravitates to flat surface.

3.Make it smell like home - The scent that meets prospective buyers should be pleasant and not overwhelming.

4.Remove toys and anything else that doesn't belong - A tidy home is a welcoming home. On the other hand, a cluttered home gives the impression that there is a lack of storage and unusable space.

5.Remove all unnecessary furniture to maximize space - Or simply rearrange the furniture to provide a smooth flowing walkway through he room.

6. Repair or replace appliances that are not working or are barely holding on - Everything should work as intended. Buyers (and their agents) pay a lot of attention to detail in kitchens. Any repairs or replacement cost they foresee, multiplies far beyond actual cost because of the added inconvenience to them.

7.Check your curb appeal - Stand across the street from your home and look at the exterior and the garden as if you were planning the buy your home. Buyers will notice smaller details than the homeowner, so use a critical eye or borrow a friend who will be honest with you.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to use your common sense!  Try to look at your own home, as if you were the buyer.  Look from the floor to the ceiling, and don’t forget to check for cobwebs!  Buyers see everything!

You’re only looking for one buyer, so make every viewing appointment count!

Selling?  Enjoy the journey!


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