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Selling your home as a “Non-Resident” on the Costa Blanca?

Here’s a brief summary of the charges:

Tax: Selling at a profit or loss, you’ll be obligated to leave 3% of the agreed sales price with the Spanish Inland Revenue to cover Capital Gains Tax. This potential charge is paid out of the 3% with the balance refunded at a later date. Capital Gains is charged at 19% of the profit. No profit = No Capital Gains Tax.

Certificates: You must provide 2 certificates; Habitation and Energy. They should be approximately €450 for both.

Plusvalia: Selling at a profit? This charge varies greatly between Town Halls and also depends on how long you’ve owned the property.

Estate Agents fee: Normally ranges between 3% and 6%. The best sales people are motivated by a percentage rather than a fixed fee. Remember they’re out to get you the best price because their compensation is a percentage of what you agree to sell for! Never compromise when selling your biggest asset!

Selling your home? Call me today, 966 718 392. We have buyers waiting!

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