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Buying? How Big Should Your Home Be?

Whether you choose a property to live in permanently, or you’re in the market for a holiday home, size is a factor on deciding which home you’re most suited for.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but it’s finding that perfect balance that’s neither too big, nor too small.

To help you decide, ask yourself these four questions to determine how much space you really need:

1. Is this my forever home? If you’re relocating to Spain, then you need to figure out if this will be your “stepping stone” home for right now, or somewhere for you to grow old in. Everyone feels they should be looking for their forever home, when really they may not need something so big for “right now.”

2. What are my priorities? If you’re thinking of buying a home with a guest bedroom, to allow you to accommodate your long list of friends and family whilst on their holidays, then you need to focus more on your own needs, and not so much on theirs. They will still enjoy visiting you, even if they have to sleep on a bed settee!

3. How spacious does the home feel? Even if the home doesn’t have a big footprint, it can feel more spacious if it is open plan. Even large homes can feel cramped if they’re dark, or have an impractical layout.

4. Mortgage or cash? If you’re contemplating whether to buy a larger home with a mortgage, take a look at what your fi- nances will look like, in a few years time. How valuable does that guest bedroom look to you now?

So, stop focusing on the amount of rooms in the home, and start paying attention to the actual size of the rooms you’ll be spending most of your time in!

Happy House Hunting!

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