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When purchasing a home in Spain, you’re bound to be swamped with advice. From family and friends, to information you gather from the internet! But what should you really avoid if you want to make a sound investment in Spain?

Here are the 3 things you should avoid at all costs:

  1. DON’T USE AN IN-HOUSE LAWYER! - ALWAYS use an independent Lawyer! Recommendations from your Real Estate Agent are welcome but let the choice be yours. Anyone that is “in-house” will be biased. Ask yourself this… What are they hiding if they’re insisting you use someone “in-house”?

  2. DON’T PAY IN CASH! - NEVER agree to pay any amounts in cash! Not the deposit, not the balance, not anything! You may think you’re saving a little in tax, but you’ll regret it when the time comes for you to sell.

  3. DON’T AGREE TO A LOWER AMOUNT IN THE DEEDS! - NEVER let someone (agents or otherwise) talk you into declaring a lower amount in your Title Deeds (Escritura de compraventa). Whatever price you have agreed to pay for the property, make sure that is the figure that shows in your Title Deeds on the day of completion. Declaring a lower amount in your Deeds? You’ll risk receiving a hefty fine from the Tax man!

By avoiding these 3 things, you’ll be headed on the right track to securing a legal home in Spain!

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