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Buying A Property To Rent out In Spain | 

Buying A Property To Rent Out In Spain? If you're ready to invest in a holiday home, here are three essential factors to consider BEFORE buying a property with the intention of generating rental income.

  1. Check for eligibility of a "Tourist License" for short-term renting. It may seem unusual, but certain areas (even along the coast) do not meet the qualifications. Prioritize researching the specific location, as the final decision on granting a license lies with the Town Halls.

  2. Determine the number of bedrooms you require in advance to accommodate your desired number of guests. Opting for a two bedroom property allows you to easily host up to six individuals by incorporating a sofa bed in the living room.

  3. Having access to a private or shared swimming pool is often a top priority for families seeking a holiday rental. To maximize your property's rental potential, consider a swimming pool as a desirable feature.

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