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Boomers Versus Millennials

It probably doesn’t come as any surprise, that the majority of homeowners in the Costa Blanca are among the generation of “Boomers and Gen X’s.” However, it’s time for the “Millennials” to follow suit, kick that rent in the butt, and get on the Spanish property ladder.

Why should you quit renting, and start buying?

Your rent will continue to rise.

It’s a fact that even with general inflation, your rent will never remain the same forever. Also, the more scarce rental properties become, landlords can and will increase their rates.

You’ll have more security and freedom.

As a homeowner, you’ll never have to ask permission to paint walls or wait for approval on the most trivial things. Always wanted to adopt a furry friend? No problem… you own the home!

You’re building your wealth.

Every monthly mortgage payment will be going towards your home, and not in a landlord’s pocket. Any renovations over time, will only increase the value of your home, not forgetting rising house prices. The equity you’re building may be to save for your own children’s future, your retirement or assist you with moving to a bigger home.

You won’t always have a monthly payment.

Once you’ve paid off your mortgage, there will be no more monthly payments to make. Even if it seems like a long time away, there is an end date to work towards. Lifelong renting means you’ll be doing just that. Renting for life, and continue to have a monthly rental payment. No light at the end of this tunnel!

Whether you’re a Boomer, Gen X, Millennial or Gen Z, homeownership will always be the best plan for your financial future.

Buying? Enjoy the journey!

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