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Whether you’re here in Spain or not, it is still possible to sell your property, even during a pandemic!

Due to travel restrictions there are many homeowners that need or want to sell their holiday homes, but are unable to be in Spain to start the process. Selling a property without being in the country is called, selling your property “remotely.”

Thanks to emails, postal service and couriers, listing a property for sale, then completing on it, is definitely 100% achievable without you having to be in Spain!

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding selling a property remotely.

I’m not currently in Spain, can I still sell my home?

Yes! Firstly, you will need to select a reputable Real Estate Agent to help with the selling process. Once you’ve supplied them with a key for access into the home, they’ll be able to take photos and create a video for advertising purposes. They’ll also be on hand and ready to carry out any in-person and online virtual viewings.

Will I be able to complete the sale if travel restrictions are preventing me from being there?

Yes! You will need to elect someone to be your “Power Of Attorney.” This means you choose someone you trust to sign the Title Deeds of sale on your behalf. Ideally you would nominate a local Lawyer. The Power Of Attorney paperwork could be completed in the U.K. then you would send the original back to Spain for your Lawyer to present at the Notary on the day of completion.

Must I have the house emptied before completion?

Yes and no! It depends if you’ve agreed to sell the property fully furnished, part furnished, or empty! If you can’t make it to Spain and you need to remove items from the house before completion, there are local furniture removal companies that provide this service. They will go into your property and will make a video call with you. You can guide them on which items you wish to have removed and what items are to stay. They also offer storage facilities for your personal effects and/or furniture.

How do I receive payment for my property?

You instruct your elected Power Of Attorney where you want the funds to go. Usually payment is made by a Spanish Bankers Draft (a guaranteed Bank Cheque). This cheque can be deposited straight into your Spanish bank account or, if you’re intending on transferring the money back to your own country, the cheque could be handed over to your chosen currency company, and they will transfer the sales proceeds back to your designated account.

Selling a property “remotely” is more common than you may think!

If you’re ready to start the process of selling your home “remotely”, we can help! Start by heading to today!

Ciudad Quesada and immediate surrounding areas are our speciality!


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