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Selling your home? Here are 5 steps to a successful sale:


. Have your documents ready! You’ll need:

· The Escritura (Title Deeds).

· T.I.E. Card/Residencia Paper or N.I.E. Certificates.

· Habitation Certificate.

· Energy Efficiency Certificate.

· Utility receipts for: Water, Electric, Gas (if applicable), Community Fees (if applicable).

· Latest Suma (Ibi) receipts.

· Passport.

2. Create an inventory list. Write down the furniture you are including in your sale. Preparing this list upfront leaves no room for misunderstanding or confusion with your potential buyer.

3. If you can’t be in Spain for completion, leave Power Of Attorney to sell with your trusted Lawyer.

4. If your intentions are to transfer your funds back to the U.K., set up an account with a currency company, like Moneycorp. You’ll get a much better deal/rate, than going through a Spanish bank.

5. Once you’ve sold and are close to your completion date, put a stop to your direct debits. This will stop you paying any future bills that could accidentally pass through your account.

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