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A "Clean House" Shows As A "Happy Home" When Selling!

Is your home clean? Does it look its best? What will buyers think? Will they be impressed, or will they wipe their feet on the way out? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself, if your property is on the market for sale.

Selling a property means people will be walking through your home, and as they’re trying to imagine themselves living there, they could be unnecessarily distracted, if your property isn’t clean.

I was called out to visit a property this week that had been on the market for quite some time with another agent, that remained unsold. When I heard about this listing, on paper it seemed like a great deal. So why hadn’t it sold already? As soon as I unlocked the front door, I knew exactly why it hadn’t sold. It was filthy! Now I’m not saying that cleaning is the “be all and end all,” but it definitely has a big impact on potential buyers walking through.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work! Moved a few items of furniture around. Tucked chairs neatly under the table. Hid unnecessary items in cupboards, and started cleaning. Even folding the towels in the bathroom, and putting all of the “buy in bulk” toilet rolls away, made a huge difference.

You need to let buyer’s eyes focus on the size of the rooms, instead of cobwebs and grease.

The last thing you want is for buyers to feel like they need to wipe their feet, on the way out!

If you’re selling your home, you need to realize that you have a lot of competition out there. Buyers will be looking at other properties as well as yours. So before they pay you a visit, make sure your home stands out for all the right reasons. Show buyers that your “clean house” is a “happy home.”

You don’t want them running down your street shouting, “I’m a buyer…. Get Me Out Of Here!”


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